Install JingWatch on B&Browser

Make sure you read each step, otherwise it will fail to activate the app. Please contact Jingjing via wechat or email if you have any problems,wechat:jingwatchface,

B&Browser On appstore

1、Search for B&browser and download it from App Store(Note: You must install B&Browser on Apple Watch too)

Click Appstore to download

2、Open the Watch App on your iPhone and install B&Browser

3、Launch B&Browser on your iPhone and Apple Watch, type and click search to open Jingwatch

4、Click my settings,Click Synchronize UserID(Note: this process requires the watch to open B&browser, otherwise it will not succeed)

5、Once successfully activated, you will see the default watch face like below

6、You can use JingWatch now if you follow the instructions above correctly.^_^(Please restart your iPhone and Apple Watch if you failed to activate your watch face)

Note: If you get an unusable red prompt, you have to open B&Browser and keep it active on your Apple Watch. If the problem persists, exit the B&Browser on your Apple Watch and try again. If it still fails, restart your iPhone and Apple Watch to resolve this issue.

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