Install JingWatch on Appstore

Please read it in two, three or four steps, or it will fail to activate. In addition, please do not comment on it. If you have any questions, please add wechat or email

JingPaste Already on shelves appstore

Video help:

1、Download to Appstore JingPaste(Note: the watch shall also be installed with app and opened)

Click Appstore to download

2、Click the plus sign (+) button to add a,(Note: no spaces are allowed regardless of case)Content is:jingWatch

3、Click the blue position of the content just added

4、Register users, open the dial to personal settings, start the happy journey of your custom Watch^_^(Remember the key points as shown in the figure below. Only when the Open Watch face is turned on can the watch be displayed)

You can also install jingwatch Pro if you reach the level(professional edition) Click to install JingWatch Pro

Contact JingJing: wechat:jingwatchface,