Install JingWatch on Appstore

Please be sure to read each step, or activation will fail. Please add Jingjing Twitter or Email if you have any questions

JingMotion On appstore
1、Download from Appstore JingMotion(JingMotion)(tips:Watch also need to install app and open)

Click Appstore to download

2、Install app to watch(Open the watch app on your phone, find JingMotion, and click Install)

3、Activate watch face(Watch on JingMotion

Turn on JingMotion APP your mobile phone, click Personal Center, pull it to the bottom, and click Activate1、2

4、After successful activation, you will see a default watch face

5、If you follow the instructions above, start your happy journey with your custom watch^_^(After buying a watch face, remember to open JingMotion at the same time when changing the watch and mobile phone)

Note: if the dial is not displayed after refreshing several times, you can try to activate the dial from app > MyWatch > send to watch⌚️

My Faces->Send to watch⌚️During the first installation, it is possible to send the watch face replacement failed. Please restart the phone and watch)

Some users have application crashes. Press the lower side chain and wait for the application to be fully opened

If you still fail to follow the above methods, try shutting down, restarting the watch or reinstalling the app

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