Install JingWatch on B&Browser

Make sure you read each step, otherwise it will fail to activate the app. Please contact Jingjing via wechat or email if you have any problems,wechat:jingwatchface,

B&Browser On appstore

1、Search for B&browser and download it from App Store(Note: You must install B&Browser on Apple Watch too)

Click Appstore to download

2、Open the Watch App on your iPhone and install B&Browser

3、Launch B&Browser on your iPhone and Apple Watch, type and click search to open Jingwatch

4、Click my settings,Click Synchronize UserID(Note: this process requires the watch to open B&browser, otherwise it will not succeed)

5、Once successfully activated, you will see the default watch face like below

6、You can use JingWatch now if you follow the instructions above correctly.^_^(Please restart your iPhone and Apple Watch if you failed to activate your watch face)

7、My Faces->Send to watch⌚️During the first installation, it is possible to send the watch face replacement failed. Please restart the phone and watch)

Note: If you get an unusable red prompt, you have to open B&Browser and keep it active on your Apple Watch. If the problem persists, exit the B&Browser on your Apple Watch and try again. If it still fails, restart your iPhone and Apple Watch to resolve this issue.

Some users have application crashes. Press the lower side chain and wait for the application to be fully opened

If you still fail to follow the above methods, try shutting down, restarting the watch or reinstalling the app
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